Good Vibes Spray


Heal, Cleanse and Protect with Good Vibes Only! An Earthy, clean scent that can be used for many uses, including a room or body spray.

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  1. Kendra Case

    Oh my goodness! Love, Love, Love the Good Vibes Spray as a body spray – It’s definitely my Jam! I went through my first bottle in less than two months – that’s how much i use it! You don’t need to use a lot & it lasts all day! Highly recommend! Excellent quality! My hubby really likes it on me too & I have received a ton of compliments about how great I smell since i’ve been using it! (not that i normally stink……..for example, the last girl that complimented me stated, “You smell really good!” I told her thank you and she responded, “no, you don’t understand! You smell really, really , good!” With an emphasis on the really, really…LOL! I told her what I was wearing and where she can get some so Hopefully she’s a happy customer too.) Thank You with love & Company for creating fantastic products! I will be your forever customer from colorful colorado!

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