Body Element Package


The perfect package to protect your skin from outdoor extremities.

Balance Face Scrub: Our cleansing and exfoliating face scrub is perfect for getting rid of dirt and other unpleasantries that you encounter during the day.
Rejuvenation Cream: Moisturize your face and get rid of (and prevent) fine lines, and wrinkles with this amazing moisturizer packed with vitamins.
Anti-Aging Sunblock: Prevent aging, and UV damage to your skin using our effective and lightweight sunblock.
Unscented Liquid Soap:  Cleanse away the dirt and grime using All Natural ingredients that are strong, yet gentle.
Healing Balm Bitsy:  The ever-popular and amazing healing properties in a personal size jar.

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Balance Face Scrub: Scoop about 2 finger amount into palm and apply to wet face. If it feels harsh on the skin, use some water and melt the sugar a little bit, then apply to the face. Rinse off and apply our healing balm or rejuvenation cream for best results!

Rejuvenation Cream: Place a small amount onto fingers and rub it onto the face. Can leave a yellow tint if you use too much, so please use it sparingly. A little goes a long way with our products.

Healing Balm: Use on problem areas or use as a moisturizer on the face. Again, a little goes a long way, so you can use some water to thin it out if necessary. Very good for deeply hydrating the skin and repairing it.

Anti-Aging Sunblock: Use a small amount to cover the face and you can use on your body as well. Our sunblock is used specifically to protect your skin from harsh UV rays. It is used best as the last step in the routine. If you put an extra product on top, it cuts the UV protection in half.

Unscented Soap: Hand and body soap, amazing for cutting dirt and grime from the day’s encounters. Use as a body wash. Keep in mind our soap hydrates, as well as cleanses.



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