It’s simple.  Our family and our products are made with a lot of love.

With Love & Co.” is a small business that has evolved out of a harrowing accident in 2016. The accident was the genesis of our product ~ Body Butter and resulted in a unique, almost unbelievable healing. The company’s success results from connecting with people and a genuine desire to create something out of love.

The beginning of “With Love & Co.”

On August 4, 2016, the genuinely unimaginable happened in our lives. It had been a long, wet day in the mountains, and my husband was attempting to light a campfire. After many failed attempts, he resorted to throwing some gasoline on the wood to see if that would help. What he didn’t expect was that somewhere there was a tiny spark. Upon ignition, the Dixie cup that he had FILLED with gasoline hit a log and bounced back at his face. It is still hard to believe, and I had a front-row seat! I still cannot believe what I saw!

We had weeks of bandage changes and burn unit visits ahead of us. Every time a wound would close, they would tell us to put lotion on it! Are you kidding me?? Jergen’s supposedly would carry my husband and best friend over the finish line! Give me a break!

From our first night in the burn unit, they were saying how important it was to put lotion on all the wounds that were not weeping or were closed. Finally, after the fifth day and the shock of seeing 10-foot flames on top of my husband wore off, I became overwhelmingly inquisitive about how the lotion would help him he

I did my research, turned my kitchen into a lab, and created a
body butter that would heal my husband to the amazement of his doctors! 

He did not lose any part of his face as they had predicted and only has a few scars left on his right arm.

Scott ImageSince we have had many requests from doctors, friends, family, and those who have heard the story to buy a bottle, and now we have happily begun selling it!

Many people have asked about our company name With Love. From that night we would have to change his bandages twice a day, for over a month. These sessions would last anywhere from 4-6 hours. He would lay there patiently as I cared for him. I could only imagine how much pain he was in every time I would remove his bandage and debride his wounds and my heart would just break. I would do all I could to make it as painless as possible, and in turn, he would tell me the whole time “it’s ok honey, really it doesn’t hurt.” At the time we were in our own world. Day in and day out this continued. What was lost on us at the time but was not lost on anyone else, was that we were both healing each other with love.

Now we hope to share some of that with you!

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