Magnesium For Your Health

Our magnesium products are great for relieving cramps, muscle aches, and for rebounding after a hard workout.  While we support the traditional taking of magnesium supplements, the transdermal (skin) absorption rate is much faster and directly to the injured part of the body.  This leads to almost instantaneous relief from cramps and overall fast healing.

Guaranteed results or your money back!  We use raw magnesium chloride to create our spray and our balms and then have a 50/50 ratio of magnesium oil with the other ingredients.  The purity and the concentration are what set our magnesium products apart from the others.  Making our guarantee an easy commitment.

It is estimated that 80% of Americans are deficient in magnesium.  This leads to numerous maladies in the body and overall a less youthful feel to our lives.  Let us help you fix this.  Purchase both the Magnesium spray and the Balm and save 15 percent.

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